Why does my Pet Itch and Scratch? 

Artie and Buddy are siblings, and they both suffer from skin issues/allergies. They have flaky skin, scabs, and bumps on their backs, and some times they get little pus filled bumps on their bellies. When this happens they go to the vet and get placed on an antibiotic because these bumps are a sign of a secondary bacterial infection.  

We have noticed this Spring that there has been an increase in their itching. They lick their paws and parts of their body. So we think we can finally determine that their allergies are related to grass or other outdoor Spring allergens. The issue is what do we do about it??? We feel so bad when they itch or their eyes look runny. 

They can have Children’s Benadryl or Children’s Zyrtec as prescribed by our vet, but we prefer not to give them medication unless they appear miserable. Both medications are in liquid form, so we give it by springe. They hate it!!! I suppose it could be added to their food and they may take it that way…may have to try that sometime. 

If your dog suffers from allergies or itchy skin, there are some procedures you and your vet can take to try to figure out the issue. Sometimes allergies are food related and other times environmental. See the attached article to find out more about allergies and itchy skin in pets.