Adoption of Artie

Tammy and Artie the day we adopted him.

Let me tell you about Artie, our oldest dog. Artie was born on February 18, 2009 in Tennessee. Our friend’s, Ron and Tammy, had three litters of dogs by their two dogs, Beth and Nicky. Artie was one of the dogs from their first litter, and he was the last dog in his litter to be adopted. I don’t think Tammy was in a hurry to give up Artie. That was until Beth became pregnant again (TOO soon). It was then that Tammy posted on Facebook that she had this dog named Artie (King Arthur was his full name) that needed to be adopted before the new puppies came along. I don’t remember looking for a dog, but when this chance came along, I was thinking HARD about it. I knew little about Yorkies at the time, but I could see that this dog was stinking cute!!! And if Tammy said he was a great dog, I knew it had to be true!

So with careful thought and some persuasion from my friend, Julie, we decided to adopt Artie. The question was…how were we going to get him from Tennessee? It turned about that my parents were going to be moving from Michigan to Georgia. So in late August 2009, Dave and I traveled by car with my parents to help them with their house search. It was on the way back from this trip that we stopped to pick up Artie. I remember being so excited that whole week! I could hardly wait to head back home.  On August 30, we met Tammy at Cracker Barrel near one of the exits in Tennessee for the exchange. It was an exciting day for Dave and I, but Tammy had mixed emotions. She had grown very close to Artie who was 6 months old at the time. She also knew that Artie would be in good hands with us. So with a few hugs and some exchange of goodies, we started back home to Michigan with Artie, our 6 month old baby.

We didn’t know what to expect during that long drive home. How would Artie react to leaving Tammy and his doggy mom and dad?  I remember he whined just a little at the beginning but that was short lived. I’m sure the love and attention of four adults helped him feel secure.  He also quickly went to his place of comfort behind mine or Dave’s neck, something he started with Tammy and still does to this day.

Dave and Artie the day we got him.
Traveling home from TN

The day we adopted Artie is forever a good memory. Yes, taking on the responsibility of a pet can be scary, but it can also be life changing.  We know it was one of our best decisions.  Artie filled a gap for us. You see…we were not able to have children. That was a difficult thing to bear as we both had a desire to love on a little one. Although our little one turned out to be of the dog type, Artie has brought us an extreme amount of joy and happiness. We truly can’t imagine life without him.