Dog Park Thursday

Awww…It’s finally starting to warm up here in Michigan, which means dog park weather is upon us!! We’ve been going to our township dog park since it opened in 2011. The dog park isn’t just for doggie friendships, Dave and I have made many friends ourselves. We look forward to catching up with them after a long winter.

Here are some pictures from tonight’s trip to the park!



H3N2 Canine Influenza Found in Michigan 

The canine flu that affected dogs in the Mid-West has hit Michigan. There have been two cases in the Grand Rapids area and one in Macomb County.  

The best way to prevent the spread of this flu is to keep your dog away from places where other dogs visit – dog parks, pet stores, doggie daycares, etc.  

Find out more about the flu in this article and my previous posts.

Bark in the Park 2.0

Today my husband and I took Coby to the Bark in the Park event in Farmington, MI. The event took place at the Sunquist Pavilion in downtown Farmington from 12-3 p.m. The pavilion area is a centralized gathering place for events such as their farmer’s market, concerts, and more. It is a quaint area surrounded by small restaurants and stores.

When we got to the event around 1 p.m. we were happy to easily find a parking place near the park. There were dogs of all sizes (on leashes) with their owners. The first thing that caught our attention was the dog costume contest. It was just ending, but we got to see which dog earned first place. It was a large black dog dressed as a spider. He was so cool, although maybe frightening to some!!! The spider costume was handmade by the owner who commented that he made many trips to Home Depot. Check out the dog below and be sure to watch the short video (9 seconds).

park3 park4

After the contest was over we ventured over to find out more about Therapy Dogs Inc. There were volunteers from both Therapy Dogs Inc. and an organization called Doctor Paws, Inc. This group was completing on the spot testing for dogs who met the requirement of one year of age. Coby will be one year of age in September and this is definitely something we want to pursue. I will be looking into various groups to join, but this group sounds promising. They test the dogs free of charge but ask people to consider making a donation of $25 to cover the Tee-shirt (with logo below) for the handler and bandana for the dog. Also, this donation allows handlers and their dogs into special functions during the year such as the Make-A-Wish events and others events. I could feel the energy and excitement of these volunteers which lets me know that Doctor Paws is a good organization to join. Can’t wait!!!

These two poodles are therapy dogs for Doctor Paws, Inc.


There were many vendors at the event some of which provided services and others who were selling their goods. There were also some animal rescues. Although we didn’t purchase anything, it was interesting walking around and a good experience for Coby as he met many new dogs and got lots of attention from people.  Thank you to the city of Farmington for hosting this event.

park2 park5 park6 park7park9park 10

Dog Events in Michigan 2015

Click on the blue links for more information. If you know of any events, please let me know!

Humane Society of Huron Valley Walk & Wag and Run, Rolling Hills Park, Ypsilanti, MI, May 16

Bark in the Park, Farmington, MI, May 17

Bark in the Park, Canton, MI, May 17

Dog Bowl, Frankenmuth, MI, May 23-24

Ferndale Pack Walk with Canine to Five, Ferndale, MI, June 18

Bully Summer Splash Bash, Romulus, MI, August 15

Royal Pet and Ale Fest, Michigan Renaissance Festival, Holly, MI, August 22-30

Dog Fest 2015, Arise Church, Pinckney, MI, Sept. 12

DP by Myself!! 

I did it!!! I managed to take all three dogs to the dog park (DP in doggie code) by myself tonight!!! 

There are some DP habits we need to break, otherwise things went great! Things are different with three, especially when Coby wants to copy his brothers. Who knows why we started the habit of allowing Artie and Buddy to run to the gate or why we carried them back to the car afterwards.  Either way, these things are difficult with three. So it’s time to break the habits! 

The park is divided into two sides – small and large dog. Tonight, the large dog side had two dogs and three adults. The small dog side had three dogs and one adult – yes, that was us!! What a bummer! No one else showed up the whole time we were there (30-40 minutes). The temperature was a beautiful 63 and the sun was shining, but there was a lot of mud!!! At least my small dogs could walk on top of the wet ground rather than sink into it. Speaking of mud, one of the large dogs was rolling around in it. It was pretty funny and really messy! I sure hope they came prepared with a towel or something to clean him up! Oh the joys of a dog! 

Below are some pics from tonight.  


Pack Up Your Pets and Hit the Road with These Dog-Friendly Michigan Destinations

Below is an article from about cities that have pet friendly attractions and hotels. There are some highlighted cities, but there is also a list of all pet friendly cities in Michigan. That list can be found at the end of the article. If you live in Michigan (or plan to visit) and have a pet, this is worth saving for the future.


By the way, Happy National Pet Day (April 11).


Pack Up Your Pets and Hit the Road with These Dog-Friendly Michigan Destinations.