Visiting Tea Cup Poodle

Nala is a teacup poodle who visits a nursing home in Minnesota with her owner Doug Dawson. Nala wasn’t trained as a therapy dog, yet Nala provides love and affection to the residents of Lyngblomsten. Doug prescribes medication at the nursing home while Nala ventures through the nursing home all by herself to visit those in need of love. She even takes the elevator all by herself. The residents at the nursing home say that Nala was Heaven sent and Doug says, “Nala is doing God’s work”.

Check out this touching story in the short video below.

My Baby

Coby is my baby! At only 7 months, he is as cute as they come!!! You know how people say the phrase, I could eat him/her up (usually referring to babies or young children). Well, that’s how I feel about my Coby. He’s so cute…I could eat him up! He’s brought us so much joy and there is new energy in our family. Artie and Buddy have learned to play again. They wrestle, chase, and fight over toys. This is what I was hoping for when we adopted Coby in late December.

The first couple of weeks weren’t a walk in the park. Artie and Buddy didn’t accept Coby at first. To put it nicely, they despised him. We were scared to leave them alone. So Coby spent the first couple of weeks in a crate by himself. While his brothers where in a crate together. It broke my heart, especially when we’d leave and Coby would cry.

Things are different now…the three are brothers, not by blood but by love. Artie and Buddy would protect Coby if need be. They get so excited when Coby and I return from going somewhere. They hate to be separated! I am so grateful we were given the chance to rescue Coby…or did he rescue us?


Fun at the P A R K

My husband, Dave,  and I had to resort to spelling words or using acronyms because these dogs are so smart! For the dog park we either spell park or use DP. I think our smartest one, Artie, has figured out those two. Well, the other night we went to the P A R K  and we were the only ones there. Dave got a couple videos of the boys running and playing. Coby can really run fast!!! The video doesn’t show his quickness. Take a look!

Blanket for the Boys 

While shopping at Hobby Lobby today, I found a piece of fleece discounted to $5 per yard. There was just over a yard left so I bought it to make the boys a blanket. It took me just under 45 minutes to make it and it fits perfectly in their crate (house).  Check out the finished project below.

Major international airport introduces world’s first terminal exclusively for animals

Wow! We’ve never traveled with our dogs on a plane.  If you have, tell me what you think about this concept.

The world’s first ever airport terminal exclusively for animals is set to open at the JFK International Airport in 2016.

Named “The Ark”, the 178,000-square-foot animal handling facility will include dog kennels, an aviary, stalls and a full-time vet. The privately-owned facility has been 10 years in the making.