Loose Leash Walking 

Now that Spring is here I have a big job! I need to teach THREE dogs how to loose leash walk. These means the dogs should be walking next to me or right behind me without pulling on their leashes. Of the three, Artie and Buddy will be the most difficult to train. You see….I didn’t properly train them as young dogs, so they developed bad habits such as walking ahead of me, pulling, and stopping often to smell or mark their surroundings. It is SO important to begin walking them correctly the first time they walk.

Today was Coby’s first time walking. Dave and I took turns with the dogs. One of us had Coby and the other had the two older dogs. Although Coby was very excited, he did well for his first time. I am glad that Dave came with us to make sure I started Coby out the right way. You see, I am a softy, and although I want Coby to learn proper walking, there is also that part of me who wants him to enjoy the fun things like sniffing and experiencing nature.

I will be looking at many articles and videos about loose leash walking. Below is an easy read from Cesar. If you have a new dog, start off correctly. It’s easier to teach them right the first time then correct bad behaviors!