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Disclosure: I received food, goodies, and a fun time in exchange for this post.

Yesterday I had the privilege of going to a blogger event that sponsored a non-profit organization called Stiggy’s Dogs. Stiggy’s Dogs is an organization that rescues and trains shelter dogs to be psychiatric service dogs for military veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) or Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”).  The service dogs are trained and deployed at no cost to the veteran and each dog is trained to help the specific needs of the veteran.

Stiggy’s Dogs was named after Benjamin Phillip (“Doc Stiggy”) Castiglione.  Doc Stiggy was known for safeguarding and improving the physical and emotional health of those serving in his unit. He died in Afghanistan on September 3rd, 2009. In 2010, Stiggy’s Dogs was developed by Jennifer Petre, Benjamin’s aunt, to carry out Doc Stiggy’s legacy of helping others. Her motto is “Rescuing one to rescue another”.

Doc Stiggy

The goal of yesterday’s Comcast and Hallmark sponsored event was to raise awareness for Stiggy’s Dogs. Our job as bloggers was to promote Stiggy’s Dogs by tweeting and posting on Facebook and Instagram. As a non-profit organization, Stiggy’s Dogs relies on donations from individual people and organizations. Comcast presented Stiggy’s Dogs with a $1000 check yesterday and hopefully as a result of our event, more awareness will be brought to the cause.

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Three of Stiggy’s Dogs with their Vets.
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Coby AKA “Stinker”


Coby is our puppy at almost 9 months of age. He is as cute as can be, but man can he be a stinker!!!! He has definitely changed our family dynamics. Before Coby came along, Artie and Buddy spent most of their time lying around or eating. There wasn’t much play between the two unless Dave and/or I were involved. They also rarely left our sides at the dog park. Both of these situations have changed. Artie and Coby play a lot, whereas Buddy stands by to be the “referee”.  He barks like crazy as he hangs out next to the wrestling. There are times when Buddy will join in, but he doesn’t play nearly as much as Artie. Their dog park behaviors have changed too. Instead of hanging by us, they venture off more and take part in dog type activities. It brings us so much joy to see Artie and Buddy interact with Coby. It’s like they have new life!

Now…to the stinker part!!! Coby is a puppy and puppies can be mischief!! We rarely let him out of our sight. If he gets quiet, we get suspicious. Although Coby hasn’t destroyed anything major, we don’t take our chances. He’s torn up plastic bags, tissues, napkins, newspaper, and other papers, but nothing of importance. It’s just a nuisance to clean up. Now for the biggest issue we’ve had…potty training! He’s been a difficult one! Our dogs ring a bell, which is hanging at the sliding door, to tell us they need to go outside. This works great for Artie and Buddy. For Coby, it’s like “The Boy who Cried Wolf”.  He rings the bell so often we don’t know when he really needs to go. Sometimes we take him (and the other two) out and he doesn’t go one or two! Other times we ignore him and he goes potty in the house! Frustrating to say the least.

Not only is going potty in the house an issue, but Coby has a NASTY puppy habit right now. Are you ready???? He likes to eat poop – his own or his brothers. Can you say GROSS?! I’ve done some research and this appears to be a common puppy behavior. The best thing we can do to stop the behavior is to keep him away from any poop. This means cleaning up the yard frequently and keeping him away from any temptations. We are hoping he grows out of this habit quickly. Sorry if this was TMI (too much information). Although these couple of things can be frustrating, we couldn’t be happier that Coby is apart of our family!!! He is a bundle of energy and joy! He keeps us on our toes and he keeps his brothers young. So blessed by this 5 pound bundle of cuteness! Thanks to Homeward Bound Rescue League for allowing us to adopt Coby.

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Happy Mother’s Day! 

Being a mother can mean many things. For me, being a mother means caring for my three Yorkie babies.  After many years of infertility treatments (and the emotional ups and downs), I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s not human babies for me, rather it’s canine babies…three of them! 

Some people tell me that canine babies are more work than human babies. I personally don’t believe it, although if it’s true, then I’d rock being a mom to children.  Yes, dogs are work, but most of their training takes place at a young age. Human babies need training their whole lives! Children are continually learning from their parents, therefore, a parent’s job never ends!! Even after they become adults and leave the house, there is still training and learning taking place. 

I know I am missing a part of life that many women get to experience, but God’s plan was different for me. It hasn’t always been this easy for me to face that fact, but time heals all wounds. The part that still bothers me has to do with aging. Who will take care of me (and my husband) when we age? As people age, the roles switch and children begin taking care of their parents. We all know that dogs love unconditionally but they are not physically capable of caring for humans. Again, God has a plan and I can’t worry about the future. 

For those of you who are mothers in any way, I want to wish you a Mother’s Day full of love, laughter, and relaxation!!! Most of all, I hope you feel appreciated every day of the year! Thanks for all you do! 

Check out these 12 signs that your dog is basically your child. All 12 signs are fitting for me!

6 Things You Need to Know Before You get a Yorkie

I found this article interesting, and I would have to agree with the 6 points.
1. Heredity Problems – Artie and Buddy are siblings and they both suffer from allergies. We haven’t been able to figure out what they are allergic to, but it seems to be related to something outside, especially this time of the year. Both dogs are suffering with skin rashes and itchy paws.
2. Barking – My dogs love to bark!!! They bark at anything that passes by our yard. They also bark like crazy when someone comes to the door. I wish I would have trained them better for guests!
3. House Breaking Problems – We have this issue with Coby right now. He is 7 months old, but is still having difficulty with potty training. Artie and Buddy were trained when we got them at 6 months of age, so this is a new experience for us.  We didn’t realize that Yorkies are one of the most difficult dogs to train.
4. Grooming – One of the things I love about Yorkies is they do not shed!!! When I brush them, there is hair in the brush, but I do not find hair on my clothes or in the house. Yorkies do need haircuts, although their hair can vary in length.  I cut Artie and Buddy’s hair about every 6-8 weeks. Coby goes to a groomer because I don’t feel comfortable grooming him yet. I keep their hair short, so they do not have to be brushed very often. Coby still has puppy hair, so he needs brushed every few days.
5. Separation Anxiety – Artie was an only child for just 4 months. We could tell he needed a friend, so we adopted his brother, Buddy. They were best buds right away!! The dogs suffer from some separation anxiety when we go away, even though they get to stay home with a young man who watches them.
6. Fragile – I wouldn’t consider Artie and Buddy fragile. They are both hefty boys, and they know how to stay out of our way. Coby, on the other hand, is fragile at only 5 lbs. He doesn’t know his boundaries yet and sometimes gets in our way. He will learn!
I love Yorkies and can’t imagine having any other breed! They are adorable, loving, loyal, playful and cuddly. If you’d like to know more about Yorkies, please ask. You can also read more by viewing the attached article.

Why Do Puppies Eat Poop?

My youngest dog, Coby, is about 7 months old.  Lately, he has been sniffing his poop or the poop of his brothers.  There have also been times, given the chance, that he has eaten poop.  Of course, I think this is disgusting, so I wanted to find out why puppies eat poop.

One of the reasons puppies eat poop is they learn so from their mothers.  To keep their cage or den area clean, the mommy will eat the poop of her young. The puppies see this happening, so they pick up on the habit.

To stop this habit, it is suggested that puppies are either on a leash outside so they can be kept away from poop or any poop should be cleaned up right away.  Cleaning up the poop is the best solution as poop can carry unwanted diseases or parasites.

To learn more about why puppies (or older dogs) eat poop, see the attached article.


Why Do Puppies Eat Poop? | petMD.