Dog Park

We are blessed to have a community dog park just down the street. It takes less than 5 minutes to get to it, although it can seem like longer because of the excitement of the dogs!!! They are so smart…I think they could find the way there! There is an annual fee to join the park. It is $25 for up to three dogs!! Perfect for ABC!!! It is well worth the money as the dogs love it, as well as Dave and I.

Monday night we decided to venture to the park even though it was really windy. The temperature was in the upper 40’s and it was sunny, so off we went! This was technically Coby’s first time at the park. We took the dogs there one other time back in February, but there was still too much snow for the dogs to get around.

Coby loved being off his leash. At home he has to be on a leash because we have an invisible fence and Coby isn’t trained with it yet. We are just starting on that this week. Coby ran around, played with other dogs, and sniffed everything. I think this year might be a new beginning for Artie and Buddy. In the past, Artie and Buddy would spend most their time hanging out next to us or hiding under one of the benches. I hope they will play more now that Coby is in the picture. This is true at home.

Below are two videos of the dogs at park. Sorry about the noise from the wind…just glad the little ones didn’t blow away! LOL