Dog Park June 2017

The dog park is ABC’s favorite place, well, besides home! We can’t even say P A R K without them going crazy with excitement. If they had a choice, I think they’d go there every night. If only dogs could talk…

Below are some pictures from our most recent trip to the park. As you can tell from their panting, it was a warm night.

Buddy and Artie
Buddy and Arite

Evening in the Park

Last night we ventured to our community dog park just down the street. It’s something we haven’t done enough of this summer. The boys always love to go to the park, even though they spend most the time right by our sides. They are people (and dog) watchers just like their mommy!


Dog Park Thursday

Awww…It’s finally starting to warm up here in Michigan, which means dog park weather is upon us!! We’ve been going to our township dog park since it opened in 2011. The dog park isn’t just for doggie friendships, Dave and I have made many friends ourselves. We look forward to catching up with them after a long winter.

Here are some pictures from tonight’s trip to the park!


OxGord Dog Ball Launcher

Disclosure: I received this ball launcher at a discounted rate for my honest review.

ball launcher

The OxGord Ball Launcher is seriously an awesome ball launcher for many reasons.

First of all, it takes little, if any, strength to launch the ball a long ways. Even someone like me, who can hardly throw a ball, can launch it a great distance with the help of this tool! The handle has finger grips that allow you to hold the launcher comfortably.

Second, the OxGord Ball Launcher fits a regular size tennis ball which means you can purchase new balls at a low price. Tennis balls can be bought almost anywhere…Target, Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, and more.

Third, this launcher is very affordable. It is on sale right now for $5.95 plus FREE shipping!! That is an amazing price for such a study well-made dog toy.

The thing I like best about this ball launcher is that you don’t have to touch the ball when picking it up. You also don’t have to lean over very much since the handle is 19 inches long. This is so important when you are throwing a ball over and over for your dog!
I would definitely recommend this launcher for anyone who enjoys playing fetch/ball with their dog. I give it 5 stars! Check out the OxGord Dog Ball Launcher at Amazon by using my link:


DP by Myself!! 

I did it!!! I managed to take all three dogs to the dog park (DP in doggie code) by myself tonight!!! 

There are some DP habits we need to break, otherwise things went great! Things are different with three, especially when Coby wants to copy his brothers. Who knows why we started the habit of allowing Artie and Buddy to run to the gate or why we carried them back to the car afterwards.  Either way, these things are difficult with three. So it’s time to break the habits! 

The park is divided into two sides – small and large dog. Tonight, the large dog side had two dogs and three adults. The small dog side had three dogs and one adult – yes, that was us!! What a bummer! No one else showed up the whole time we were there (30-40 minutes). The temperature was a beautiful 63 and the sun was shining, but there was a lot of mud!!! At least my small dogs could walk on top of the wet ground rather than sink into it. Speaking of mud, one of the large dogs was rolling around in it. It was pretty funny and really messy! I sure hope they came prepared with a towel or something to clean him up! Oh the joys of a dog! 

Below are some pics from tonight.