Dog Park Thursday

Awww…It’s finally starting to warm up here in Michigan, which means dog park weather is upon us!! We’ve been going to our township dog park since it opened in 2011. The dog park isn’t just for doggie friendships, Dave and I have made many friends ourselves. We look forward to catching up with them after a long winter.

Here are some pictures from tonight’s trip to the park!



Top 25 Non-Shedding Dogs

Guess which breed is listed as number 1???

You got it…Yorkshire Terrier!

Artie, Coby, Buddy

Check out the other 24 breeds, especially if you are an allergy/asthma suffer.

Recent Mishaps 

If your dogs are anything like mine, they follow your every move.  Mine follow me around the house into every nook and cranny. Recently, I’ve had a few mishaps that I can look back and laugh at, but felt bad at the time.

It started with Buddy. I was getting ready to go somewhere with my usual routine…in and out of the bathroom and closet. After figuring out my attire, I shut the closet door as always. A short time later I heard a strange but familiar sound.  I had shut Buddy in the closet and he was letting me know by thumping the door stopper with his paw. Smart boy…it worked!! You would have thought he was gone for a week after seeing the excitement of his brothers. If you are a dog owner, you know what I mean. 

Not long after, I shut Coby in the same closet, but this time I noticed he was gone.  The closet was one of the first places I checked. Lol

Yesterday, I had another incident with poor Buddy! I had taken the boys outside to potty, then brought them back inside through the sunroom. I closed the sliding door because it was hot and humid outside. I went back into the office to finish my work when Coby started ringing the bell to go outside again. I thought to myself, “Crazy dog, we just came in!” With that in mind I went about my business, but Coby wouldn’t give up on the bell ringing. After a few minutes, I went into the living room to see Coby sitting at the sliding door with Buddy sitting on the other side. Poor Buddy had been shut in the sunroom and couldn’t tell me. His brother was looking out for him! Again, the three boys were so excited to be reunited!!! 

I think there is a lesson to be learned here. I need to pay better attention to the whereabouts of my babies! Always making sure all three are safe and sound in the house! I know worse things could happen, but I hope they don’t! 

Love you, my babies!! 

Mommy ❤️

Artie, Coby, Buddy

Reverse Sneezing 

This morning, Buddy was having what sounded like an asthma attack. I remember a women at the dog park saying her little Yorkie has asthma, so I decided to search online.  What I found is that Buddy was having a Reverse Sneezing attack. 

In a Reverse Sneeze, air is pulled in very rapidly which makes a loud snorting type noise. When a dog is having an attack, he/she usually stands still with the elbows spread apart, head back, and eyes buldging.  A Reverse Sneeze can last a few seconds to a couple of minutes. 

Because of the sudden scary noise, many owners want to rush their dog to the vet but according to this article that is not necessary unless other symptoms are present or it occurs frequently. 

Please see the article below for more information and a video of a dog who is Reverse Sneezing.

K9 Joint Relief Review

Disclosure: I received a free bottle of product in return for my honest review.

Luxating Patella is a common condition in Yorkshire Terriers. Luxating Patella is when the knee cap pops out of place due to a misalignment of the knee. Find out more about this condition at This can be an inherited condition or happen as a result of an injury. Two of my Yorkies were born with this condition. Patellar luxation is often divided into four grades of seriousness. Artie and Coby currently have low grade issues. To help prevent the condition from getting worse, all three dogs are taking Glucosamine which is a joint supplement. They have been taking it for just over a year as prescribed by our veterinarian. They were taking the supplement in soft chew form, which they love.

I was given the opportunity to try K9 Joint Relief which is Veterinarian Recommended, superior quality, all natural hip and joint supplement. It’s manufactured in the U.S. in a state-of-the-art FDA approved facility under strict quality assurance guidelines. What I didn’t realize is that this supplement comes in liquid form. It comes in a one quart bottle with directions for use based on the weight of your dog. For all dogs, you can start them on their dose, then reduce to a maintenance dose (1/2 the amount) after 6-8 weeks. Because my dogs have been taking Glucosamine for some time, I decided to start them on the maintenance dose. They get 1/2 teaspoon one time each day. I use a dropper to add the liquid supplement directly to their food in the evening. They don’t seem to recognize that the supplement has been added. They gobble down their food just as normal. The only issue is they expect a treat after eating as they were use to having their Glucosamine soft treat. So, I give them another form of treat.

K9 Joint Relief does not have to be refrigerated. It can be mixed with food or water. I personally find the soft chew formula that I was using easier to manage. Right now, the K9 Joint Relief bottle is new and filled to the top, so I am able to squeeze a small amount into the dropper by placing it just inside the bottle. But as the liquid decreases inside the bottle, the dropper will become more difficult to fill. I may then need to start pouring the liquid into a 1/2 teaspoon (for each dog). I haven’t tried this yet, so I’m not sure how difficult it will be to pour three 1/2 teaspoons. As I said, I prefer the soft chew formula when it comes to giving the supplement to the dogs.

Only time will tell if the K9 Joint Supplement or any other Glucosamine supplement will have a positive effect on the dog’s joints. My hope is that this supplement will allow them to lead a normal happy pain-free life without the need for surgery.