Field Trip to Heritage Park

Oh boy! We’ve had a great couple of weeks! Mom and dad took us on TWO field trips. The first one was to a local park called Heritage Park. Although it’s only a 10 minute drive, our excitement is almost uncontrollable. That’s because there are so many ducks and geese to chase! They hang out around the pond, but as soon as we come near, they take off into the water for safety! It’s such a fun game!

Proud boys after chasing away the ducks and geese

Of course, we also love walking, sniffing, and marking everything and this place is good for all three! And if we tire out, there are lots of benches for mom and dad to take a break. As you can see below, we like to rest just as much as they do!

Although we aren’t really into scenery, mommy and daddy like this park because it’s beautiful. There’s ponds, wild flowers, green grass, and lots of trees – all of which make this a desirable park. We are thankful to mom and dad for taking us here and can’t wait to go back!