Surgery for Artie

artie 7-22-19

Today is one of those days that Doggie Moms anxiously await…surgery day!! About two weeks ago, I noticed Artie was obsessed with licking a spot on his leg. Little did I know I’d find a fairly large growth! According to our vet, it’s a “wart” and nothing to be concerned about (yet I can have it biopsied for $125, if I’d like). Artie has suffered with warts for years, but never one that he can get to and constantly lick! So, it has to be removed. Unlike people warts, this will not go away on its own and with the licking it will not heal.

Along with the wart on his leg, he’s having at least three others removed, a tooth pulled, and his teeth cleaned. UGH…you know all this means a lot of money! Hopefully, at the age of 10, this is the last surgery and teeth cleaning for Artie. I know he can still live a long time (and hope he does), but these surgeries have gotten a little out of control!

So this morning, Artie had to stay in his cage as his two brothers ate their food. Poor baby has no clue what’s about to happen. And this mommy anxiously waits to drop him off for surgery. There’s nothing worse than handing your pet to the receptionist or vet tech and leaving. The tears are already starting. And then there’s pick up time (around 4:30 pm), which brings so much joy but also sadness as dogs under sedation look pitiful! I know…I’ve been there a few times!

If you are the praying type, please pray for Artie and mommy today. I will post soon about the surgery results. Thanks for reading! With love, ABC’s Mom!


Purina Pro Plan Focus Digestive Health Chicken Dog Treats


Purina Pro Plan Focus Digestive Health Chicken Dog Treats

When it comes to treats for Artie, Buddy, and Coby, I like to choose small ones. These treats are the perfect size. In fact, the daily recommended feeding instructions on the package states two treats daily for dogs the size of ABC. A perfect treat for these babies. Besides the size, these treats are good for ABC. The first ingredient is real chicken, followed by real pumpkin. If you are looking for a healthy treat for your pup, I suggest checking these out at For more information about these treats, see below and their website.


Key Benefits

  • Soft, savory treats feature real chicken as the very first ingredient for a delectable flavor your pup is sure to love.
  • Also includes pumpkin and natural prebiotic fiber to help promote strong digestive health.
  • Easy-to-break treats are perfect for training or to just let your loyal companion know she’s loved.
  • Crumbling soft treats over dry kibble can also help entice a picky eater to eat her dinner.
  • Proudly manufactured in Purina-owned U.S. facilities with no artificial colors or flavors.


Evening in the Park

Last night we ventured to our community dog park just down the street. It’s something we haven’t done enough of this summer. The boys always love to go to the park, even though they spend most the time right by our sides. They are people (and dog) watchers just like their mommy!


Purina Pro Plan Savor Tender Strips Made with Real Turkey & Avocado

Purina Pro Plan Savor Tender Strips Made with Real Turkey & Avocado are made with real turkey and avocado. In fact, turkey is the #1 ingredient and there aren’t any artificial flavors or colors! I believe this for two reasons…the label states this information and Artie, Buddy, and Coby (ABC) devour these tender treats!


IMG_7659 (1)
Disclosure: ABC received this treats in return for their honest review. 

Thanks to, ABC often try new treats and foods. makes online ordering fast and easy! With 24/7 assistance, you can’t go wrong with Check out their website to see all the products available for your dog, cat, fish, bird, reptile, or any other pet. Place an order and have it show up at your door within 1-2 days. It’s so convenient and easy, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try it. So what are you waiting for…head to!

Blue Wilderness Grain-Free Denali Biscuits

Disclosure: ABC received these treats in return for their honest opinion.

As usual, Artie, Buddy, and Coby were so excited by their delivery. We all sat on the floor and opened the box together…there was a lot of sniffing and a lot of begging. As you will see from this video, they couldn’t wait to try their new biscuits. Lately, all our treats come from and we couldn’t be happier with the variety of products and the service. If you haven’t checked them out, head over to their website for more information.


From the rugged Denali wilderness, Blue Buffalo Wilderness delivers a treat that could satisfy the cravings of Alaskan mountain wolves with Denali Biscuits with Wild Salmon, Venison & Halibut Grain-Free Dog Treats. These crunchy baked biscuits will have your dog’s inner wolf howling for the tantalizing taste of wild salmon, venison, and halibut. They’re 100% grain-free and full of protein and premium natural ingredients for a uniquely healthy treat.

Key Benefits

  • Wild salmon, venison and halibut treats
  • Filled with high-quality unique proteins
  • 100% grain-free and gluten-free
  • Crunchy baked biscuits
  • Made with the finest natural ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
  • No corn, wheat, soy or chicken/poultry by-product meals

Sick Babies

It’s been a crazy week here at the ABC household. Artie has been suffering with terrible allergies. His eyes are runny and red, and the left eye is partially closed. I called the vet and set up an appointment, only to have to cancel it due to an appointment for myself. So Artie continues to suffer…although the eye rinse and Children’s Benedryl brings some relief. He will see the vet Monday morning.


artie allergies
Artie and his sad allergy eyes 


Coby was our bigger concern. Coby wasn’t acting normal on Sunday. He couldn’t get comfortable, wouldn’t eat, and his stomach kept making lots of noises. On Monday, he appeared to feel a little better and ate some food. It was Tuesday morning that I discovered he had bright red blood in his runny stool. I immediately called the vet and took him in to get examined. While at the vet, he threw up three times, two times it was nothing but a pile of bright red blood.

After ruling out any type of worm, the vet discovered two of his bacteria levels were high. He was in rough shape so that vet encouraged me to hospitalize him. Reluctantly, I left him there around 11 am. They gave him IV fluids, medication to stop the vomiting and diarrhea, Pepcid, and antibiotics. He didn’t have any more vomiting or diarrhea after that point so I was able to pick him up from the vet at 5:30 pm that same day. They kept his IV port in his leg overnight just in case he needed fluids again the next day.


coby IV
Coby and his IV port 


After a really good night of sleep with mommy and daddy, Coby was still really tired and weak the next day. I took him back to the vet and they gave him some fluids under the skin and another shot of Pepcid. Pepcid helps with the intestinal bleeding.

So today, Thursday, is a better day. Cody ate well and had his first bowel movement since Tuesday. It was solid but covered with dark blood (which is better than bright red). He has also been more active. We will continue his antibiotic, Pepcid, and probiotic until he visits the doctor next Friday, May 20. We pray that everything is cleared up by then and that he will be back to his normal happy self!

It’s been some week!!!


Artie’s 7th Birthday

Today, Feb. 18, is Artie’s 7th birthday. It seems unreal that he’s been in our life for 7 years. We couldn’t be more blessed. I know his original owner/breeder (Tammy) is smiling down from Heaven and maybe sending a wish or two. She loved Artie and all the other dogs so much!

Tammy and Artie , August 30, 2009
Tammy and Artie , August 30, 2009

Even though Artie was born on February 18, 2009, we didn’t adopt him until August 30, 2009. He was just over 6 months old the day we meet him. He was named King Arthur by Tammy, but she called him Artie for short. Artie was a name we liked and he had for 6 months, so he remained Artie!

Artie is an anxious boy, his ears flop, he gets occasional skin rashes, he has curly hair, and he LOVES to lick.  We wouldn’t want him to be anything different! We love you to pieces, Artie!!!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!

Gio Naturals Rosehip Oil Review

Disclosure: I was given this product at a discounted rate for my honest review and opinion.

rosehip oil

When I was offered Gio Naturals Rosehip Oil at a discounted rate for my review I was excited because I have an age spot or brown spot on my cheek that I’m been trying to fade for some time. I have to admit I haven’t been persistent on using the product as I was looking for instant gratification. I tried the product on a fairly regular basis when I first received it, but my interest faded quickly.

Just like the company states, the oil is a “dry” oil. It doesn’t leave an oily residue and it soaks into the skin easily. It does leave your skin looking a little rosy at first, but that goes away quickly.

Rose oil is suppose to help with lines, wrinkles, age spots, brown spots, scars, stretch marks, and much more. If you are a natural product user, this sounds like it is a miracle worker. I am sorry to say that I didn’t give it the chance I should have and I plan to try it again. After trying it for again for a longer period of time, I will update my review. This product can be found on Amazon.