Crate Label

Some people call it a crate, others call it a cage. We call it a house – “Get in your house, boys”. If your crate is like ours, it came with a product name label on the front of it. You know, one of those labels that is almost (if not) impossible to remove!!

So today, I decided I wanted to get something to cover up the label. After searching Michaels, I decided on chalkboard labels. Love them!!! I wasn’t nervous about making a mistake when writing and I can change what I wrote at any time. How convenient is that, especially at less than $2.00 for a package of labels.

image image


Good Buys!

I love to shop Marshalls and Home Goods for dog supplies and treats. I’ve found some really good deals on things like doggie bags, harnesses, car seats, and baskets/containers for dog toys. If you like it…buy it!!! These stores carry odds-and-ends or discounted items, so it may not be there next time you shop. Believe me…I learned.

Today I purchased this container for the dogs’ toys at Marshalls for $7.99