Bucket List for Buddy

Buddy 8-13-19

So I’ve been thinking a lot about living life to its fullest and spending quality time with my Yorkies – Artie, Buddy, and Coby (ABC). When it comes to family, which includes my little guys, I don’t want to have any regrets. I want to know that I gave them a life full of love and experiences. There are so many little things that bring ABC joy…which in turn makes me happy.

I’m calling this post “Bucket List for Buddy” because Buddy was recently diagnosed with bladder and kidney stones. Unfortunately, this is not his first case of stones. He’s had two surgeries to remove his bladder stones in the past (October 2017 and January 2018). Now 9 months later, he’s once again been diagnosed with stones.

Dogs can have two different types of stones…one can dissolve and the other can not. Buddy has Calcium Oxalate stones which do not dissolve. They require surgery, or an act of God, to remove. Although it’s a difficult decision, we’ve decided against surgery because his stones come back so quickly. Since his last surgery, we added two medications to his diet to prevent the stones from returning, but those measures were unsuccessful. As his doctor said, “He’s a stone maker”. Some dogs, just like people, are more susceptible to stones (it’s in their DNA). This is the case for our little Bud.

We do not know what comes next for Buddy. On September 9, he will turn 10 years old and Yorkies usually live to 13-16 years of age.  Our concern at this time is his comfort and happiness. Although, as I’m typing I selfishly want it to be about me…I don’t want to lose this happy handsome little guy.

All this brings me to this post “Bucket List for Buddy”. I’ve been thinking about the things that bring him happiness. He is such a loving and sensitive dog, and it doesn’t take much. Dave and I just need to remember to put aside the phone, tv, and other distractions to spend quality time with him and the other two. So here it goes…an ongoing list of things that bring Buddy (and the other two) happiness.

Bucket List for Buddy

  1. Morning snuggles – Buddy loves to snuggle in the morning. He seems to have pain first thing. I think it’s because his urine is more concentrated and he’s been holding it all night. To help with that pain, I’m going to try to snuggle (hold) him every morning, even if it’s just a few minutes.
  2. Walks – Right now, Buddy still loves to go for walks. Walking three dogs alone has never been easy, so we love it when daddy joins us. If not, I’m making more of an attempt to walk them daily.
  3. Petting – Buddy loves attention, more than the other two. He loves when we pet his neck area. In fact, he will flip over in our arms so this is possible.
  4. Brushing – Buddy could sit and have me brush him all night. I suppose it’s like a massage for humans. I hope to brush him more often to help him relax and take away any pain.
  5. One-on-one attention– When there’s three dogs, it’s hard to share the attention. Luckily, Artie is content with sitting on mine or daddy’s lap. So most of our attention goes to Buddy and Coby – who crave it more. Whether it be by petting, brushing, or cuddling, I intend to give them more attention.
  6. Fresh air – All three dogs prefer fresh air over air conditioning! They love it when the storm door is open so they can sit and look out the screened door. They also enjoy being in our sunroom. Therefore, on days when it’s not scorching hot, I leave both doors open.
  7. Adventures – All three dogs are love adventures. As long as it doesn’t involve the vet or groomer, they are ready to head out! I’m personally hoping to visit the dog park more. Dave loves to hike and take photographs of wildlife, so he plans to individually take the dogs on trips such as this.
  8. Dog park – Our community dog park is just minutes down the street. Now that the weather is cooling off some, I hope to take the dogs more often.
  9. More time at home – I’m a busy beaver, so one of my goals is to spend more time at home with the boys. This is especially important for Buddy who needs to drink more water so he will frequently urinate.
  10. More outside time – ABC love being outside! Hopefully we can be outside lots before winter. Vitamin D is good for them too!

So here it is…my bucket list for Buddy. As I said, this is an ongoing list so I may add more ideas as time goes on. Lord willing, Buddy will be healthy for some time. Buddy 8-9-13


A Look at ABC’s January


January in Michigan…oh how we could live with you! We are having bone chilling temperatures here right now. Temperatures will be in the teens until Monday when we get anywhere from 5-8 inches of snow! Then a polar vortex of cold air hits us – daytime wind chills will be in the -20 range, while the night time wind chills could be as low as -40!

Meanwhile, ABC have decided it’s not too cold for them and they take their own sweet time outside, while this mommy freezes her buns offs! Next week it will be dangerously cold so I hope they do faster business! Maybe I should have been pad trained them for conditions like this. Oh well, too late for that!

Of the three dogs, Coby is definitely the snow lover! When we get a fresh coat, he will roll all over in it and rub his face. So cute to see, especially when his face is snow covered. Of course, as with most small dogs, they come in with snow caked to their bellies and legs, sometimes even their noses as pictured below. As a friend on Instagram said, “You catch a snowball there, Coby?”. coby snow

Besides the cold temperatures, things are good for ABC. Artie visited the doctor recently for an ear infection so he gets ear drops twice a day. He continues to take Apoquel for his allergies, but with those floppy ears, an infection still caught up to him. Ear infections are marked by scratching of the ear and head shaking. Artie was doing both, in fact, his ear was red, raw, and swollen before heading to the doctor.  Usually things don’t get that bad before I step in to help, but hubby and I were on a cruise in the beautiful Caribbean when the infection showed its ugliness.


Hoping things are well with you! What’s the weather like where you live? Hopefully you are enjoying warmer temps than us!

Thanks for stopping by…we appreciate our readers. If you’d like to see more adorable pics of ABC, head over to our Instagram page. We’d love to have you follow us! For now, woof woof woof!



Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year from ABC

Happy New Year 2019

As 2018 comes to an end, I want to take a moment to reflect on the lives of Artie, Buddy, and Coby. With the new year approaching, one of my goals is to share more stories and photos of these three with my readers. They bring so much joy to my life and they can yours too! So follow along as 2019 brings new adventures and fun!

It’s hard to believe that Artie (the oldest) will be 10 years old in February. I remember the day we brought him home. We were immediately in love and have been since that day. Artie is a unique boy – he doesn’t need much in the way of attention and his gentleness shines as he aims to please his mommy and daddy. He loves to hunt small critters, he chews on his paws continually (due to allergies),  he suffers with anxiety yet loves walks, the dog park, and his brother, Buddy, to pieces!

a and b nov18
Buddy and Artie

Buddy is the middle boy, who just like a child, is always looking for attention! He will be 10 years old in September, which means he and Artie are just six months apart. Artie and Buddy share the same bloodline and are best friends!! They love to kiss each other, cuddle, and sleep in the same cage (house). Buddy suffers from reoccurring bladder stones and has undergone two surgeries in less than two years. He’s on a very strict prescription diet and has to take a couple different medications every day. Even so, Buddy loves to eat and you can frequently find him sneaking into Coby’s food dish!

coby nov18

Coby, our rescue, is the youngest at four years old (9/11/14). He has a spitfire personality – so sweet yet so sneaky! His brothers have a love/hate relationship with him due to his dominant personality. His sweet and innocent personality can quickly change, which means his brothers have difficulty trusting him. Even so, Coby brings so much laughter and entertainment to our family because of his fun and loving personality.

These are my babies in a nutshell. I hope you will follow along as begin to document more from their lives. And as 2019 approaches, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Take care and hug your babies (human or furry).

Dog Park June 2017

The dog park is ABC’s favorite place, well, besides home! We can’t even say P A R K without them going crazy with excitement. If they had a choice, I think they’d go there every night. If only dogs could talk…

Below are some pictures from our most recent trip to the park. As you can tell from their panting, it was a warm night.

Buddy and Artie
Buddy and Arite

Practicing for Santa Visit



Tomorrow Artie, Buddy, and Coby have their very first visit with Santa at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, MI. I’m excited, but not sure how they will react. In preparation, we practiced smiling for the camera at home. Check out our good and not-so-good photos below!

Information about pet photos at Twelve Oaks

Twelve Oaks Mall will offer pet parents a chance to celebrate the holiday season and visit with Santa on Saturday, December 3 from 8 a.m. until 9:45 a.m., and Sunday, December 4 from 9 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. Pet photos will take place at the brand new interactive Santa’s Flight Academy holiday set located in Center Court.

Please note that pets must be up-to-date on their vaccinations and must either be on a leash or carried in a lightweight, portable pet carrier with harness. For more information on this event and to register (this is required), visit www.shoptwelveoaks.com/petphotos.

Our Photos 




Evening in the Park

Last night we ventured to our community dog park just down the street. It’s something we haven’t done enough of this summer. The boys always love to go to the park, even though they spend most the time right by our sides. They are people (and dog) watchers just like their mommy!


Life with Dogs

My husband and I have a hard time believing that we’ve had Artie for 7 years! Time sure flies and we are so grateful to have Artie in our lives. Adopting our first dog wasn’t any easy decision. I was mainly worried about my allergies, but I’m sure there were other worries. Lucky for us, we had a lot of support in the decision.

Our friend, Tami, was the owner/breeder of both Artie and Buddy. When we first found out Artie was available for adoption, she really encouraged us to adopt him. She KNEW what joy he would bring to our lives. She KNEW there was a missing piece in our lives. She KNEW this would help two people who were unable to have children.

She was right! So much so that Artie lead to Buddy and Buddy lead to Coby (ABC). Three is a handful, don’t get me wrong, but we can’t imagine life without any of them.

Today would have been Tami’s 54 birthday on earth. It was about 2 years ago that Tami was taken from earth into Heaven. It was a terrible car accident that took her life, her husband’s, and her 3-year-old granddaughter’s. We know Tami is in a better place, but it’s still heartbreaking. We love and miss Tami and Ron very much. Thanks for giving us two pieces of you (Artie and Buddy). We are forever grateful.

Tammy and Artie , August 30, 2009