H3N2 Canine Influenza Found in Michigan 

The canine flu that affected dogs in the Mid-West has hit Michigan. There have been two cases in the Grand Rapids area and one in Macomb County.  

The best way to prevent the spread of this flu is to keep your dog away from places where other dogs visit – dog parks, pet stores, doggie daycares, etc.  

Find out more about the flu in this article and my previous posts. 


WARNING about Dog Treats

Dynamic Pet, a company based in St. Louis, Missouri, is producing a product called Real Ham Bone. Fragments of these bones are being swallowed by dogs and are causing damage to their insides. Many dogs have become very ill and some have died.
The Better Business Bureau is investigating the company, which has had customer complaints since 2006. Please be aware!!!
Real ham bone

13 Apartment Friendly Dog Breeds

Before I read this article, I assumed that small dogs would make the best dogs for apartment living, but size is not the main factor to look at when deciding on an apartment friendly dog. The most important characteristics are the energy level of the dog and the dogs barking habits. Apartment dogs should be more laid back, need little to moderate exercise, and do little barking. 

If you live in an apartment or small dwelling space, take a look at this article for the best breed for you. 

13 Apartment Friendly Dog Breeds: http://www.vetstreet.com/dogs/13-dog-breeds-ideal-for-apartments?Wt.mc_id=facebook&WT.mc_id=ETA


Latest Information on Toxic Jerky Treats for Pets

Good news!!! The number of illnesses related to toxic jerky treats for dogs is dropping. The reason for this drop appears to be from customer knowledge about the issue.  Although most of the toxic jerky comes from China, this is not always the case. Some pet stores have stopped carrying dog food and treats manufactured in China. When my husband and I go to the pet store, we always check the place of manufacturing before we buy any food or treats for ABC.  Please be cautious about buying treats and food from China. For more information, please see the article from petMD below.

Latest Information on Toxic Jerky Treats for Pets | petMD.

Canine Flu Prevention 

Officials are still warning dog owners to keep dogs away from other dogs. Although the canine flu hasn’t hit all areas of the U.S., officials aren’t sure when or where it will hit next. The attached article states that there isn’t a vaccination for this strain of flu. Best prevention is to keep your dog away from dog parks, kennels, day cares, etc.