Dangers of Xylitol….PLEASE Read

Dangers of Xylitol


What is Xylitol:

Xylitol is a sugar substitute most often associated with “sugar-free” chewing gum and mints, but it’s also found some brands of peanut butter, toothpastes, certain medications, and vitamins, many sugar-free products (chocolate, JELLO, yogurt, pudding), and even some household products such as baby wipes and lip balm.

Why is it so dangerous:

According to Caroline Coile, AKC Family Dog Nutrition & Health columnist: “The dog’s pancreas confuses xylitol with real sugar and releases insulin to store it. The insulin removes real sugar from the bloodstream and the dog can become weak, and have tremors and even seizures starting within 30 minutes of eating it.” Other symptoms of hypoglycemia include poor coordination and vomiting/diarrhea.

Liver failure (and death) can also result from xylitol ingestion, and symptoms can take as much as eight hours as show up. A dog only needs to consume a very little amount of xylitol to receive a deadly dose. As much as two pieces of gum can cause a problem in a small-breed dog.

To find out more about Xylitol, please see the article below:



Best Dog Breeds for Asthmatics

According to research, the 4 best dog breeds for people with asthma are Shih Tzu, Poodle, Bichon, and Airedale Terrier. The first three are small dogs, whereas the last breed, Airedale Terrier, is a large dog. Although, these breeds have been shown to invoke the least amount of symptoms in asthmatics, every person is different. No dog breed is completely hypoallergenic. To find out more about these breeds, see the article below.


Bichon pups

Small Pets Allowed on Select Amtrak Routes

As of Monday, small dogs and cats are allowed on two northeastern Amtrak routes with some stipulations. This is progress for those who like to travel with their pets!! Hopefully, this will open more doors. Check out the article below for more information.


dog on train

National Dog Day 2015

National Dog Day started in 2004 as a way to inform the public of the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year. It also acknowledges family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort. To find out more about National Dog Day, visit this site http://www.nationaldogday.com/#!about1/c141h.

In honor of National Dog Day, here are some of my favorite ABC pics.

004 (9)
008 (2)
Artie and Buddy

A Warning to Pet Owners Who Use E-Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes can be more dangerous to pets for several reasons:

1. Nicotine in any form is poison for pets.

2. E-cigarettes and their associated paraphernalia often contain nicotine in more concentrated levels than in traditional tobacco products.

3. The more concentrated liquid cartridges and larger-volume containers of nicotine liquid pose the greatest risk for poisoning in pets.

4. Many of the liquids contain flavoring agents which are enticing to pets.

5. The most dangerous thing about liquid nicotine is that it can be absorbed through the skin or mucous membranes of the mouth in dogs, cats, and humans.

Please see more about the dangerous of E-Cigarettes and how to help your pet if he or she comes into contact with liquid nicotine by viewing the following article.


How to Remove a Tick From Dogs

Yesterday my friend, Cathy, found a tick on her dog, Snickers (Artie and Buddy’s sister). With help from a friend, Cathy was able to remove the tick from Snickers, but now they need to keep a close eye on her for reactions. Cathy is also calling the vet to see if Snickers should be examined. It breaks my heart (and grosses me out) to see the tick on Snickers. Here is a picture:



Please view the following article for the proper way to remove a tick. There is a video and written directions.

How to Remove a Tick From Dogs, Cats | VIDEO | petMD.

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H3N2 Canine Influenza Found in Michigan 

The canine flu that affected dogs in the Mid-West has hit Michigan. There have been two cases in the Grand Rapids area and one in Macomb County.  

The best way to prevent the spread of this flu is to keep your dog away from places where other dogs visit – dog parks, pet stores, doggie daycares, etc.  

Find out more about the flu in this article and my previous posts. 


WARNING about Dog Treats

Dynamic Pet, a company based in St. Louis, Missouri, is producing a product called Real Ham Bone. Fragments of these bones are being swallowed by dogs and are causing damage to their insides. Many dogs have become very ill and some have died.
The Better Business Bureau is investigating the company, which has had customer complaints since 2006. Please be aware!!!
Real ham bone