10 Tips for Calming Your Dog During Fireworks

10 tips for calming your dog

Fireworks can be very scary for many dogs. It is normal for dogs to be afraid of loud sounds. Loud sounds trigger their nervous systems, and they can become anxious or afraid. They may hide, shake, pant, drool, or even run away. In fact, during the 4th of July holiday more dogs are found wandering loose than any other day. For these reasons, it is very important to be prepared for fireworks and other loud noises:

10 Tips for calming your dog during fireworks:

  1.  Be sure your dog gets plenty of exercise on those days when you expect there will be fireworks. Dogs tend to be more relaxed after exercise.
  2. Place your dog in the quietest place inside the house. A basement or small dark rooms may help calm your dog.
  3. Keep your windows, doors, and curtains closed. This will help with any visual disturbances.
  4. If your dog is comfortable in a crate, he may feel safe there.  You might also cover the crate with a blanket.
  5. Comfort your dog by staying with him. Holding your dog close or petting your dog may help.
  6. Play music to mask the loud sounds.
  7. Give your dog a bone or chew toy to help keep him occupied.
  8. Purchase a Thundershirt for your dog. Surveys have shown that over 80% of dogs show significant improvement in symptoms when wearing a Thundershirt.
  9. Check your pet store for calming aids such as collars, ointments, pills, or other remedies.
  10. Ask your vet for advice. Some dogs may need medication to calm them down during stressful events such as fireworks.

Your dog should always be wearing a tag with identification, but this is especially important during the 4th of July when dogs might get scared and run away. 



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