Artie’s 7th Birthday

Today, Feb. 18, is Artie’s 7th birthday. It seems unreal that he’s been in our life for 7 years. We couldn’t be more blessed. I know his original owner/breeder (Tammy) is smiling down from Heaven and maybe sending a wish or two. She loved Artie and all the other dogs so much!

Tammy and Artie , August 30, 2009
Tammy and Artie , August 30, 2009

Even though Artie was born on February 18, 2009, we didn’t adopt him until August 30, 2009. He was just over 6 months old the day we meet him. He was named King Arthur by Tammy, but she called him Artie for short. Artie was a name we liked and he had for 6 months, so he remained Artie!

Artie is an anxious boy, his ears flop, he gets occasional skin rashes, he has curly hair, and he LOVES to lick.  We wouldn’t want him to be anything different! We love you to pieces, Artie!!!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!


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