Our Chewer!!!

Coby is 15 months old now and he loves to chew on bones!

I don’t know if it’s his age or if he’ll always be a chewer. Check out these adorable pictures from tonight!

Coby dec. 2015



3 thoughts on “Our Chewer!!!

  1. Coby is a beautiful Yorkie. I don’t trust the rawhide though.. To dangerous and too many dangerous chemicals used in its processing. I prefer nylabone, and brush my guys teeth most every night. Good luck!

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      • Yes. They don’t like it as much as rawhide, but if they are big chewers, they do use it. They can also choke or swallow bits of nylabone, so you do have to replace it. It’s not as messy and disgusting to touch which it also an advantage. Cleaning their teeth is so important and worth the time in training. Thanks for asking!

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