18 Dog Friendly Hotels Where Dogs are VIP’s 

These are some spoiled pooches!  My dogs haven’t been to a hotel of any sort. Have you ever taken your dog to a hotel? 


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6 thoughts on “18 Dog Friendly Hotels Where Dogs are VIP’s 

  1. Those are all cute. When I went to France for a week a few years ago, there was one restaurant that had like a “restaurant dog” – he had his own corner and would come and go as he pleased! 🙂 He was cute, too.


  2. I’ve never taken my dogs traveling with us. It’s hard enough with the kids. Actually, I think it would be easier taking my doggies!! Plus, the dogs go to sleep, the teenagers don’t!!

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  3. We use to take Snickers to Tawas with us. We rented cabins there every year. I would travel with Sophie since she is easy.

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