Nail Trimming 

Today I decided to take one dog, Buddy, to Petsmart to have his nails trimmed. There was a time when I would do them, but both Artie and Buddy hate it!!! Therefore. I started having a professional trim their nails. Artie has good reason to be scared. He was cut badly twice – once by Tammy (his breeder) and once by myself or my husband. Both times he bled pretty bad and it took awhile for the nail to heal. Poor baby 😦

We usually get their nails trimmed at the vet when we go, but it’s been some time since they have had them done. So off we went to Petsmart. It was less expensive there than the vet, which was a bonus. They charge $9 whereas the vet charges $12 (with additional service).

Buddy did very well. It only took a few minutes for the groomer to finish his nails. So we bought some treats and back home we went. It went so smoothly that I decided to venture back with Artie. You see now that we have three dogs, I don’t like to leave one home alone and I don’t dare take all three.

Artie was more scared than Buddy, so I decided to stay in the room (instead of looking around the store) to make him feel more comfortable. Even though he was shaking like a leave, he was a good boy and he hardly fussed or squirmed. I was proud of him!!! The groomer kept praising him with “good boy” which may have helped.

Two different groomers cut the boys nails but both were very good with them.  Although it’s convenient to get their nails trimmed while at the vet, it’s nice to have another option.

Below are a couple pictures from today’s adventure and a video of the excitement when Artie and I returned.



7 thoughts on “Nail Trimming 

  1. Having a basset hound, her nails are really hard to trim. If my husband is busy at work, I have to take her in to do it. Poor girls hates when i do it.


  2. They are so cute! I love Petsmart—going there with the kids is an experience in itself (although sometimes an expensive one!). 🙂


  3. I hate trimming nails. Matt does Sophie’s. Sophie’s nails grow like crazy since she doesn’t really walk too much to wear them down. We keep the powder stuff in case we have a bleed. It only has happened once with Snickers. I felt terrible.


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