My Buddy and Me!

Buddy is a momma’s boy!!! He is pretty much attached to my hip. He follows me around the house, and sits on my lap when ever he has a chance. I’ve always said I need a pouch to wear so that I can carry him around with me. He is as sweet as pie! Always looking for attention, especially a good neck or belly rub. We call him an “Attention Hound”. Seriously, this boy likes attention ALL the time!

So when Coby came into our lives, Buddy had a really difficult time adjusting. For 5 years, it was just Buddy and Artie. Artie was daddy’s boy and Buddy was momma’s boy. Buddy was especially jealous of Coby, and with good reason. Some little stinker just came into our lives and starting stealing his attention from mommy and daddy. It took at least two weeks for Buddy and Artie to start accepting Coby. I felt bad for Coby, but I also felt bad for the two being invaded.  Today, four months later, all three boys love each other very much! If I take Coby alone somewhere, they are so excited when he comes back. I’m so happy they have all taken to each other. Even so….I like to remind Buddy that he will always be momma’s boy 🙂

Mommy and Buddy Mommy and Buddy2 Mommy and Buddy3


13 thoughts on “My Buddy and Me!

  1. Such a sweet little story! For the longest time it was just my male and female boxers. Cain passed away in 2012. Casey just turned 10 and she now shares her house with a little dog, Tink. She is part chihuahua and part pug. I miss Cain a great deal and I know Casey does as well. Tink at least provides her with a little bit of entertainment. Tink and the cat are best buds.

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