My Baby

Coby is my baby! At only 7 months, he is as cute as they come!!! You know how people say the phrase, I could eat him/her up (usually referring to babies or young children). Well, that’s how I feel about my Coby. He’s so cute…I could eat him up! He’s brought us so much joy and there is new energy in our family. Artie and Buddy have learned to play again. They wrestle, chase, and fight over toys. This is what I was hoping for when we adopted Coby in late December.

The first couple of weeks weren’t a walk in the park. Artie and Buddy didn’t accept Coby at first. To put it nicely, they despised him. We were scared to leave them alone. So Coby spent the first couple of weeks in a crate by himself. While his brothers where in a crate together. It broke my heart, especially when we’d leave and Coby would cry.

Things are different now…the three are brothers, not by blood but by love. Artie and Buddy would protect Coby if need be. They get so excited when Coby and I return from going somewhere. They hate to be separated! I am so grateful we were given the chance to rescue Coby…or did he rescue us?



14 thoughts on “My Baby

    • Truth is…took him in bed with us a night but the other two didn’t know that. But when we left the house he was in his own crate. 😞


  1. So sweet! Love the “or did he rescue us” part — we have a rescue pup (well, she’s almost 9 so I guess not a “pup” any longer!) and we feel that way about her for sure!

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