Foods for Fido 

Happy Easter!!! This morning I wanted to feed the dogs something special so I thought what about eggs!!! A friend told me that she gives her dog eggs but just to be sure I checked online. I found this great alphabetical list that shows foods for dogs. Eggs is on the list…so I scrambled two up and served them over their dry food. CAUTION: be sure to let the eggs cool before serving.


Look what they left!!!

6 thoughts on “Foods for Fido 

  1. As much as i would love to cook for Roxy, i hardly have time to cook for my family lately. Maybe one of these days I will try a make ahead of time recipe for her.

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  2. Smart move to check out if human food is safe for a pet before giving it to them – so many things can make an animal sick or worse that we eat with no problem (like chocolate). Hope they enjoyed their Easter treat!

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  3. I needed the egg whites for a recipe I was making and my husband suggested I give the raw yolk to my dog. I didn’t because..raw yolk..ew. But, now I’m thinking I should have scrambled it and given it to him that way!!

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