Potty Training 

I’m becoming frustrated with Coby’s potty training. Coby turned 6 months old on March 11. Lately, it seems as though he is regressing. Tonight I found this information about potty training in the attached article. “Some puppies can be reasonably housetrained by four to six months of age. However, some puppies are not 100% reliable until they are eight to twelve months of age. Some puppies seem to catch on early but then regress. This is normal. Keep in mind that it may take a while for your puppy to develop bowel and bladder control. He may be mentally capable of learning to eliminate outdoors instead of inside, but he may not yet be physically capable of controlling his body.”

So, I guess Coby needs more time.  I will keep doing what I know is best…reward him with treats and/or verbal praise when he goes potty outside.  A new trick I learned from this article involves clapping. When I see Coby begin to potty in the house, I should clap twice loudly to startle him.  Then quickly take him outside. If he finishes his potty outside he should be rewarded. If not, hopefully it will help him learn that potty goes outside. Some phrases I use often with Coby are, “Potty goes outside, Coby” and “You went potty outside, Coby!” followed by a treat or praise.

Potty training can be frustrating. Overall, I think the most important thing is consistency. Young dogs should go outside immediately in the morning, after eating, and before bed. They should be able to hold their potty for the same number of hours as their age in months. So Coby should be able to hold his waste for six consecutive hours.  I can only hope he gets there soon!!!!

For more information about potty training, see the attached article from ASPCA. 




One thought on “Potty Training 

  1. It’s hard to train smaller dogs. We sometimes have issues with Sophie. She gets lazy and I have to force her outside. If we have guests over she sometimes will sneak upstairs and go because her normal schedule is thrown off. I’m all about my schedule. 😉

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