‘Crufts poisoning’ did not take place at dog show

This is a follow up post to my post from 3/10/15. It appears Jagger, the Irish Setter, was NOT poisoned during the Crufts dog show. The toxicology report showed a fast acting poison in his system, but his death occurred too many hours after leaving the show and returning home. The fast acting poison would have caused his death within 30 minutes to 3 hours after digestion. Read more in the attach article.



6 thoughts on “‘Crufts poisoning’ did not take place at dog show

  1. I know! It doesn’t make sense to me. I almost wonder if it’s a cover up to avoid bad press about the dog show.


    • No he was poisoned and died. They are just claiming it happened after he left the dog show. Sounds fishy to me!


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