Day Trip for Coby 3/13/15

The weather is warmer, so that means it’s time to get the dogs out more!!! Today we took Coby to Tractor Supply Company (TSC) in Whitmore Lake and Home Depot in Canton. You may recall that I posted a blog about stores that accept dogs. Please look back to find this post as taking your dog into stores provides socialization. There were many people and dogs for Coby to meet at Tractor Supply because a vet was there giving routine exams and vaccinations. I understand stores such as TSC and Pet Supplies Plus frequently have vets come into their stores to offer routine exams and vaccinations at an affordable price – something I must look into. 

Our second stop was Home Depot. I called the store ahead of time to ask if small dogs were allowed in the store. They said as long as the dog stayed inside the cart. Well, Coby wasn’t too sure about the cart so mommy gave in and carried him.  We saw just one other dog at Home Depot. She was only three months old but she was already a therapy dog. She was so stinking cute!!! Check out her picture below. 

Coby was such a good boy on our trip!!! He usually falls asleep as soon as the car is in drive. It is so important to take your dog on short car rides at a young age. Unfortunately, we learned this the hard way. Artie and Buddy didn’t take car rides at a young age so now they are anxious in the car. I should say Artie is anxious and it causes Buddy to be anxious also. Lesson learned :). 


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